Art Work

Casual Storytelling

The background of your image is a piece of your story too, let’s make sure it leaves a good impression.

Do you need a change of scenery in a portrait that you have? No problem, I can give your portrait a brand new look!

Creative Storytelling

You are already art in human form, so I can turn your portrait into a captivating story.

I enjoy using symbolism to create a bridge between what people see in the image and what you’d like certain things to represent to tell your story. It’s about time you let your imagination collaborate with your journey in life.

Retouching Outside Images:

Have you had a high-quality photoshoot done by a different photographer, but there’s something you would like retouched, edited in or out of the picture(s)?

I offer retouching services for digital images!

I have experience with fixing hairlines, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, blemishes, and color correction. I have also removed unwanted objects/people from backgrounds and added additional objects to photos. Past work available upon request.

Headshots & Full Shoots

*Headshots & Full shoots are unavailable during this time.*